Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha,Cholburi (Pattaya)

n the year 1975 A.D. there were only around 3 – 4 Sikh families in Pattaya. But after Pattaya was made a tourist spot, many Sikhs migrated from other provinces like Ubol Ratchthani, Udon Ratchthani, Nakorn Ratchsima (Korat) and Sattahip.In addition, more Sikhs moved to Pattaya due to the withdrawal of American troops from the Vietnam War and the Amertican base in Thailand. At that time, the Sikhs were mostly businessmen trading with the American troops and other officials, who began returning to their country, thus making many Sikhs move to Pattaya and Bangkok. Many started their businesses in Pattaya, which attracts many million tourists per year.In this way the population of the Sikh community started increasing, and finally a Gurdwara was established by renting a building. All Sikh ceremonies, Kirtan and religious prayers were held here on Sundays and other Sikh religious dates during the period of 1979 – 1980.

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